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My husband and I are loyal ford customers.His truck needed some motor work done and he was told to park it out back and leave the keys in the ignition.

They said it would be done that day. When he phoned ford after work they had not gotten to it but would have it done before 5 the next day. I picked him up from work and he drove his truck home the next day.

In the morning he said I better let them know that I have not a thief.

When he phoned ford he was left speechless and hung up. By the look on his face I knew something was wrong. I asked him what happened. Well they had assured him that his truck was on the ramps right then being fixed.

He replied are you sure and the fellow on the other end said yes I am looking at it now. Thats when he hung up. We stared at the truck parked out front and then I got MAD. I told him I was phoning them.

He said that he would do that. They once again said yes mister brown its on the ramps; he had the same dissappointed looking as he passed me the phone. (he is the diplomatic one; I do not possess that flaw.) I tore into them and called them more names than I can write. I told them where the truck was and that we would never deal with their lying company again.

The fellow was foolish enough to mention a bill.

I told to use it for toilet paper and if there was any trouble I'd be on the phone to ford head office.If your vehicle is going to the garage keep an eye on it.They don't.

Review about: 2010 Diesel.



So are you proud of yourself B I T C H ?????

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